Southgate suggests taking time to look at his own performance

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Southgate suggests taking time to look at his own performance before deciding his future.

England manager Gareth Southgate Given that he will take time to assess himself with the England manager’s work. Before deciding their own future. After being eliminated from the last 8 teams of the Roaring Lion’s World Cup team

England ended their World Cup 2022 campaign as a quarter-final with a 2-1 defeat to France in which they won two penalties, but Harry Kane missed one. And that leaves England still waiting to be crowned champions since 1966. Southgate has been at England since 2016 and is under contract until the end of Euro 2024.

“These tournaments take a lot of time from you. I need time to come back and see for myself. We always do that after every tournament. And that is appropriate.”

“What I can say in this game is that I am proud of the players of the team that showed. Not just tonight but the whole tournament. I think the team has improved their play in all areas. I think we played very well against one of the best teams in the world in France. We showed that we were very close to playing at that level. We have a number of young players who can make a name for themselves internationally. and the team spirit we can look forward to in the future.”