Books: Sculptural Art

‘Wisdom Keepers’

I was enticed to explore the genre of wearable books by a dear friend who requested one from me. It had been at the back of my mind to one day make my own version of what seems to be quite popular among some bookbinders: a book pendant. It was natural that I’d make such a piece of jewellery in a very ‘talismanic’ style. I set out to make three, in order to explore various possible structures and details. In all of the three here, the page size is approximately 50x50mm (2″x2″) and the pendants are light enough to be comfortably worn around the neck.

Covered in reindeer leather, blind-tooled, with Sichuan Quartz (Tibetan ‘Herkimer’ Diamond) and African Turquoise (a type of Jasper).

Made in the style of medieval girdle books, but obviously worn as a pendant rather than attaching to one’s belt. Covered in reindeer leather, with antique metal filigree buttons and a brass chain.

Combining reindeer leather, blind-tooling and semi-precious beads with macrame knotting.