Books: Sculptural Art

‘Book of Qamar’

Qamar_closed.jpg Qamar_open4.jpg Qamar_covers3.jpg Qamar_open2.jpg
A round artist book.

Ten years ago I started to write a tale, a mythical inner journey about a “Wanderer of a Thousand Moons” being summoned to his calling and path. The text is in Finnish, in lyrical form. But the whole concept has always been larger than the text itself and I’m also exploring it in paintings as well as artist books. Book of Qamar came about from this exploration. When the book was almost completed, I stalled at a language issue. I could have written fragments of the tale in Finnish, but it just wasn’t the time yet. I wouldn’t be able to easily translate into English either. So when in doubt… it turned out apt to choose symbols instead, like I often have done in the past. Only this time someone may be able to decipher them. On the inner covers of the wrapper, I have collected words that “belong” to the tale, and written them in Arabic. The concept of the book entails that this is a piece belonging to the tale itself, it could be the diary or a sketchbook of the Wanderer. There is an ancient feel to this object, like it had been lost in time. The book itself opens up into a ball, like a dark moon. Positioned in the middle of the circle, it could also be construed as a divination tool, or a compass showing the way.

This book was first sewn with link stitch, then dipped fully in ink, pages separated to dry, then drawn and printed. Covers are embossed goat skin, other materials include tin and parchment.

Qamar_inFull.jpg Qamar_in1.jpg Qamar_in4.jpg
Qamar_in5.jpg Qamar_in2.jpg Qamar_in3.jpg

Internal views showing the imagery in the book – these could be likened to phases of the Moon and are glimpses into the phases on the Wanderer’s journey.