The book art you see on this website are my archived works from the years 1992-2011. Nowadays, my work mostly involves creating wearable stone talismans, unusual one-off jewellery pieces rather than books. I also make sculptural mixed media works and installations with materials such as leather, parchment, wood, stones, and fibres. But underlying any outer form of what I create, my work is inherently about telling visual stories. I’m strongly drawn to the world’s ancient craft heritage and like to explore visual story-telling with combinations of textures and natural materials. I always work very intuitively, letting the materials lead the way and allowing a story to unfold from the process of making. I often use traditional craft techniques and old tools, which in itself, I feel, connects me to the makers of the past. My Nordic roots provide me with one type of creative heritage, and the rugged shoreline of my native Finland will always be my greatest inspiration. Yet I’m still strongly influenced by the Middle Eastern visual opulence, which had a huge impact on me in the years I lived there. I hope to create a certain resonance in those who see my work, to stir a sense of connection to what we all share in our collective subconscious, and to hopefully inspire the viewer to explore their own personal stories residing within. My current work can be seen here: